Tuition Free Universities in USA for International Students

1.    The City University of New York

Although it is not one of the free universities in USA, it offers a fully-funded scholarship and also has a low tuition fee for students. They have over 26 different institutions where students can acquire Knowledge from any of the faculty in the school. Examples of the institutions are Hunter College, Baruch College City College of New York, Brooklyn College, and many others.

The school has been committed to offering high-quality education to different New Yorkers since it was established in the year 1847. The majority of the programs are mainly for adult students, workforce training, etc. The annual tuition fee for international students is $17,400.

2.    University of the People

This is the first non-profit institution in the world, and it has gotten accreditation online based on their groundbreaking learning model. They have the best instructors when it has to do with online learning. The institution offers students the opportunity to get high-quality, affordable, and accessible educational degree programs.

They have both bachelor’s and associate degree programs in courses such as health science, business administration, and master’s program in education and administration. The classes are being taught by leading recognized lecturers.  They have various tuition fees for different degrees such as associate degree for $2,060, and bachelor’s degree is $4,060.

3.    California State University, Long Beach

The school was founded in 1949 and it is located in California. It can also be called Long Beach State and it happens to be the third-largest campus that you are going to find in California. The good thing about it, there is over 23 branches in the United States, and it is 3 miles away from the Pacific Ocean.

Furthermore, it is 40 minutes drive from Hollywood, and there are various courses offered in the school such as astronomy, environmental science, chemistry, health, engineering, liberal arts, mathematics, theatre, design, and many others. The annual tuition fee that is being charged for an international student is $8,151.

4.    Alcorn State University in Mississippi

The school was established in 1871 in Claiborne County, and its main aim is to offer education to past descendants of former enslaved African Americans. Presently, there are over 50-degree programs to more than 4,000 students from different ethnic backgrounds. Students can go on holiday to South America or Africa for further studies. As an Alumnus of the school, you are called Alcornites. The annual tuition fee for any international student is $6,888.

5.    Minot State University in North Dakota

It was established in 1913 with good facilities to enhance good education. There are different departments, faculties, and others for students to make different choices on their course of studies. It is going to surprise you that there are over 60 undergraduate programs such as education, social work, criminal justice, science, etc. The annual tuition fee for an international student is $6,809.


Since there are lots of universities in the United States of America, it is not easy to decide on the university to attend. The major things to be considered when preparing to study in free universities in the USA are course materials, commute expenses, living expenses, etc.

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