Complete Guide: How to Migrate to Canada For Beginner

  1. International Experience Canada:

If you are making plans for traveling to Canada via this program, it is important to know the various age location limits for your country of residence. For instance, for foreigners from countries such as Taiwan, Spain, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Chile, Ireland, San Marino, etc., the age limit is from 18 to 35 years, while for other countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Andorra, etc., their age limit is from 18 to 30.

  1. Intra Company Transfer:

This is one of the Canada immigration programs under the work permit. If you have been employed by a company in your country of residence, and they have another branch in Canada, you can obtain a Canadian work permit through the assistance of the other branch in Canada. If a foreign worker wants to work in Canada through the intracompany transfer, he or she must be under various categories such as executives, senior managers, or specialized knowledge.

  • Global Talent Stream:

The Canadian government uses this to employ highly-skilled workers in their country. In June 2019, it was estimated that approximately 40,000 people migrated to Canada through this program. Out of the 40,000 people, 24,000 were skillful in different occupations such as information systems, software engineering, computer programming, analysis, etc.  The Global Talent Stream immigration program permits Canadian employers to employ foreign skilled workers to occupy strategic places where there are no Canadian citizens available for it.

  1. International Mobility Program:

Canadian employers can employ foreign workers through a temporary work permit, without looking for a way to get the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). This has different benefits to workers in the same field. This is different from the Temporary Foreign Worker Program because the work permit is being issued out depending on the conditions of the labor market. It helps to broaden Canada economically, and also increase its Gross Domestic Product.

  1. Labour Market Impact Assessment:

If you have given job employment to work in Canada, you might require a work permit to give you the opportunity of working in Canada. Most Canadian employers use this immigration program to employ foreign workers when there is no Canadian worker(s) for the given job. Before a Canadian employer can employ someone outside Canada is when there is no worker from Canada. The Canadian employer needs to advertise the job vacancy for one month before employing a foreigner. This Canadian immigration program demands details for the job. I already published a very detailed article about the Labour Market Impact Assessment, I advise you to go through the article to know the benefits, application procedure, and other basic requirements.

  1. Temporary Foreign Worker Program:

When a Canadian employer is finding it hard to get workers to fill key positions, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program offers them the solution to find employees. They offer proof in the form of a Labour Market Impact Assessment to show the reason for the employed foreign worker(s).

  • Post-Graduation Work Permit:

This allows international students who are done with their course of studies in Canada to work freely for up to a minimum of three years, while they are working they can apply for their permanent residence permit to become a permanent resident. This helps graduates become full-time workers in Canada. This Canada immigration program permits a foreigner to work for any employer in Canada. To obtain a post-graduate work permit, students must have a valid temporary status and also submit the required documents that will make them eligible.

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