8 Most Employable Degrees In Canada In 2021

According to COPS, the number of computer engineers need is expected to grow in the next few years. If you are good with tech, being or getting a degree in software engineering could very well help in shaping your future.

4. Finance

Finance is another employable degree in Canada. This allows you to work in variety of financial institutions and what not even as security analyst, market research analyst, bank manager, mortgage broker or portfolio manager.

5. Pharmacology

This is still with the healthcare degree. To become certified in this fueled asides having a degree, you are required to undergo an exam with the pharmacy examination board of Canada, complete an apprenticeship and become registered with your province college. As a side-note, the government of Canada foresees a shortage of pharmacists until at least year 2024.

6. Degree in Geoscience

Having a degree in Geoscience can help you get a good paying job in Canada. This includes getting the chance to work in mineral and petroleum exploration, environmental consulting and urban projects.

7. Petroleum or Chemical Engineering

The high income earners in most countries includes those working in the petroleum and chemical engineering field and this isn’t any different in the case of Canada. Engineers in this field can be employed by energy companies, research institutes and the government sector.

8. Degree In Civil Engineering

It’s been claimed that in few years time, Canada’s economic growth is expected to boost investments in construction projects. This may lead to growth in employment in this sector. Hence, having a degree in civil engineering increases your chances of being employed fast as this is one of the most employable degrees in Canada for the year 2020 and perhaps, beyond.

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