18 Embarrassing Street Views Caught By Google Camera (Photos)

Among the vast of photographs uploaded on the internet every day, we rarely get a chance to see photos that depict real-life stories; those pictures witnessed and caught by lenses in the most unexpected way. In this article, we’ve compiled some of the awkward, funny and in some occasions, embarrassing on the road scenes captured by the all-seeing lenses of Google Cam and see what can be said about it.

1. For All The Girls Out There

These girls are caught in a big dilemma, between diet, beach or McDonalds at Walmart, which one will it be? Such hard times call for desperate measures. I bet they tossed the coin. Much of the girls these days think that they are not attractive, that they are ugly, that they are too fat, that the only basis for what is pretty is having a slender body and slim waistline. Body shaming has become a social sickness among youths these days, and it should stop. Mental health among teens should be protected. Pretty should be redefined. What do you thin

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