17 Secret Photos of Donald Trump You’ve Never Seen Before (17 Images)

Donald Trump, the name is enough to divide the Americans into two sides. During his run for the White House, some termed him as a funny person, some saw him as a war monger who could lead the world to Armageddon, and he always lived up to the image that his critics wanted to create with his loose mouth. You can hate or love him, you can call him names, but you can’t ignore this interesting man who has always lived a colorful life and in full limelight. Never has the Oval Office been occupied by such a charming manner never will perhaps this happen again in the future. Here we look back at Donald Trump’s life through some unseen images, some of which Trump wouldn’t want you to see!

1. Donald Trump and Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton

Donald Trump owned the Miss USA beauty pageant from 1996 to 2015, and hence he was the winner each time! Few people in business can steal the show in front of the country’s leading ladies, and you can always trust Trump to do so. He was always at his best during such shows and never missed the opportunity of giving away some of the most talked about images during such events. Here he is seen looking at Miss USA 2009 Kirsten Dalton after she crew the winner of that year’s beauty pageant and that killer look is good enough to earn anybody’s attention. Well, there are many rumors about how Dalton went on to win the contest, but she wouldn’t mind this image doing the rounds as it earns her fame that has eluded her in the recent years.

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