13 Incredibly Awkward Wedding Photos That Will Make You Laugh

When we were younger, most of us look forward to what our wedding day would be like. The dress we’d wear, the dresses the bridesmaids would wear, the choice the guests would have between chicken kiev and bowtie pasta with salmon; the amazing DJ, gorgeous cake and wedding favors, and of course, the perfect wedding photos that you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Sometimes though, those wedding photos ain’t so perfect, not to people with half a brain anyway. What’s really scary is that a majority of the people in these 15 incredibly awkward wedding photos have probably already spawned.

We just don’t and never will understand grown a** people having a theme wedding. What is the brain chemistry in these individuals? What happens when a couple’s favorite movie is Schindler’s List or Night of the Living Dead or Apocalypse Now? What then? I mean, how far are we willing to let these wackos go?

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