12 Things That Will Happen To Your Body If You Drink Honey Everyday

There is no doubt that the world is full of natural ingredients pure and with an infinite number of properties that are good for human health. But among all of nature’s wonderful bounties, Honey is the best. It’s incredible that something made by the humble bee can provide us so many usages. Besides flavoring and as a food product Honey contains in-numerous properties many of which you may not know of.

1- It is good for skin

Honey consumed is good for skin because of it containing antioxidants that rid your body of dangerous toxins. If you want good skin, then start consuming honey. Honey is also antibacterial which cleanses skin. You can even use honey in a facial mask.

2- It helps you lose weight

The first thing that doctors and nutritionists will tell you to lose weight is to cut out sugar from your diet. However, they will never say anything against pure homey because honey contains a sugar that isn’t like regular sugar. It contains less fructose and glucose. Moreover, it has a lower GI index value than table sugar and it is also sweeter so you end up using less of it. Honey boosts metabolism that burns calories faster. What you need to be careful is not to consume excess honey because being a carbohydrate; it contains a bit more calories than sugar. However, this can never be even a remote factor to compare sugar with honey because there is nothing really healthy about sugar. Honey is a healthier alternative to sugar any day.

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